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Student services and support programs

Individual behaviour support plan 

An individual support plan may be needed for a student whose behaviour is not managed successfully within the agreed process outlined in this document.  The individual support plan is achieved after a full staff consultation and discussion process.  There is an expectation that the agreed action plan will be followed by all staff members at all times.

The process may involve the completion of the Individual Behaviour Support Plan (IBSP) which is completed initially with the student Case Manager, and all relevant stakeholders.  The salient outcomes are shared with all staff, verbally, electronically and a copy often posted on the noticeboard in the staff room to ensure consistency in behaviour management strategies across the school.

The teacher responsible for the student for whom an IBSP is devised will communicate the information to the parent/carer with the support of a member of the administration if necessary.

A holistic and collaborative approach to supporting student behaviour exists at Aspley Special School, characterised by a network of support comprising of school personnel, parents and carers. When necessary this network may extend to external EQ personnel and support agencies.

The classroom teacher and teacher aide are the key school personnel responsible for supporting individual student’s behaviour. As such they play the pivotal role in developing and implementing individual and class behaviour support strategies.

However the collaborative nature of support at Aspley Special means that a range of other school staff may play a role in supporting student behaviour, these include: the principal, administration staff, non-contact teachers, teachers who have supported the student previously, the Guidance Officer and therapy staff. This holistic approach ensures that the entire needs of the student are identified and catered for and that ownership for supporting each student’s behaviour lies with all staff not merely their current teacher or teacher aide.

On occasions, mainly for students with complex and challenging behaviour(s), external expertise or support may be called upon. This may be in the form of an Advisory Visiting Teacher – Behaviour or ASD, member of the Behaviour Support Team or an expert in a specific support strategy. Liaison may also take place between school personnel and external agencies.

Consideration of individual circumstances

It is recognized that the students at Aspley Special School have special needs that underlie their enrolment within our school.  This need may be the result of a reduced intellectual capacity, inherent behaviour problems and/or a diagnosable condition such as Autism, Down Syndrome and others.  As such, the Behaviour Support Program within the school must be interpreted with a degree of flexibility and adapted where necessary to suit the needs of the students. 

Teachers have the discretion to make informed decisions with respect to the implementation of the program within their classrooms after consultation with the principal, who ensures that the program is not abandoned. 

For students who have very complex behaviours and for whom the general approaches have not been successful, an Individual Behaviour Support Plan or specific strategies detailed in an SET plan may be developed in consultation with caregivers and other professionals.  Details of such plans are shared with all staff to ensure that these student’s behaviour is supported in a consistent, appropriate manner.