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Teaching and learning

Curriculum and tailored learning 
Our school is focused on ensuring the achievement of quality education outcomes, which are appropriate and valid for each individual student. To ensure this happens, students are placed into small classes under the care of a teacher who acts as a case manager. Chronological age, level of maturity, achievement level and physical development are all carefully considered in these decisions.  Because the school provides a program for students of secondary age, there is also a strong emphasis on the need to plan carefully for post school options. Our school, and subsequently our curriculum, is organised into junior and senior school sections. Our junior school caters for students in years 7, 8 and 9 whilst our senior school caters for students in years 10, 11, 12 and those on extensions. The curriculum and planning documents for both sections of the school differ considerably, which can be seen in the Senior and Junior school links.
Our curriculum as a whole however, is based on the assumption that every student has the ability to learn and should be able to demonstrate progress in their learning. As a special school, our students have a wide range of diverse learning needs and we use a whole school approach to direct support to different levels of student need. This includes increasing levels of adjustments, monitoring of student learning and behaviour and involvement of support staff.
At Aspley, we also recognise the key role that parents and carers play in planning and developing the most appropriate educational program for their son or daughter. Therefore, at regular 6 month intervals parents and carers are invited in to participate in either Individual Curriculum Plan or Senior Education and Training (SET) Plan meetings, depending on whether the student is in Junior or Senior. Formal records of these plans and the outcomes achieved are made. Formal reports are provided to parents every six months. It is essential that parents and carers are able to attend these meetings.
We welcome Parent feedback at all times, and look forward to helping with any queries you may have.